W&HM#56 - Gabby Jeanne

W&HM Print Edition Issue 56 with Cover Model Gabby Jeanne is Published!

W&HM / Wheels and Heels Magazine
We are super excited to announce the publication of our print edition W&HM #56, with cover model Gabby Jeanne. Gabby has graced our covered twice already. However, this issue is special because this is the first issue that the whole country is re-opened, thanks to the turn-on-a-dime U-turn on the pandemic control and vaccination. To celebrate this re-open, we invited Gabby to re-appear on our magazine's cover! Her feature photos are breathless and pulse-raising! 

We also have featured model Vernizy, who we discovered from the recent car show world. She definitely brought the spirit of fresh air to our magazine. We also have a cover model from Bella Star. It's always great to hear and chat with Bella! She's totally rocking her ventures!

Then we have 2021 car show coverage of Ark Movement car show and HNRS OC Mini-bike club meet, both with John Fujinami model lounge. It's like a bottled up energy sprouted unto the scenes with lots of showing. 

You can check it out by clicking on the above picture or the red button below. Thank you for your time and happy re-opening!!

W&HM #56 - Gabby Jeanne

W&HM Collection 10: W&HM #56 - Gabby Jeanne

W&HM #56 - Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Issue 56, with the cover model Gabby Jeanne, includes featured model Babecita and cover model update on Bella Star. On car show coverage, we have 2021 ARK Movement car show, HNRS OC Mini-Bike club meet, as well as retro coverage of Spec-D Spring Show Off…

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