Leng Yein - Cover Model, Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Issue 21 @lengyein

 Leng Yein

Leng Yein is an international phenomenon, who is fiercely beautiful, highly talented, and a multiple-tracked genius!  In our 2012 February web edition, she has already graced our cover demonstrating her amazing modeling skills.  You can find the 3 parts feature in here.

In 2013, she came back to the US, ready for her mega DJ album debut.  We did a great feature shoot with her.  This time, she is even more ravishing and amazing.  During the shoot, she told us about the added DJ'ing direction that she was going to pursue.  This is not only adding to her already amazing international stardom, also it demonstrates her other talents that can prove just how creative Leng is.

Leng Yein does a lot of traveling across the Asia region.  If you follow her on her instagram account, you would find yourself going different places, showing her fans the beautiful things that she encountered along the way, and the gourmet foods that she personally tasted.  And of course, all the promotional works and exposures have kept her busy to 200% of her schedule we believe.

We simply cannot tell how far this genius talent will go with her driven mind, hard work ethics, and unbounded passion for life, for work, and for friends.

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You can find more information of Leng Yein in here:
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/lengyein85
Blogger page: http://lengyein.blogspot.com/
Youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/lengyein

Twitter @lengyein
Instagram - lengyein

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