Shanna Lowder - Print Issue #20 Cover Model of Wheels and Heels Magazine

Los Angeles, CA -

"From the clear blue sea, comes the fiery wind, across the sumptuous painterly landscape. "

Shanna Lowder is not your typical model.  She is your typical amazing model!  We have always been impressed by her sheer beauty and passionate attitude toward life and work.  We totally love the intensity of Shanna’s work and her dedication to perfection.

Whenever you meet Shanna, you would be immediately attracted to her sea blue eyes like an endless pool that invites you in.  Then her luscious red hair says loudly about her unique style that you would have never seen before.  Her talents in modeling are a dream for designers, stylists,  photographers.  She can throw any things on and make beautiful work.


(excerpt from the Q&A with Shanna in Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Edition #20)
W&HM: Haha, for sure!  What advice would you give to new comers in the modeling world?
Shanna: Girls... You really need to Know the photographers you are working with and where the photos are being used. Also always stick to your morals and never let anyone talk you into something your not comfortable with. Remember it's a team effort and your attitude will get you more work or less.. Up to you
W&HM: Very cool!  Here is a different topic.  Could you share a quote that truly inspires you?
Shanna: Not all of us can do great things, but we all can do small things with great love. - Mother Teresa
W&HM: What would be the relationship advice that you would give to a person?
Shanna: nothing lasts forever so enjoy the moments.
W&HM: Very cool!  This one is easy, or hard... If you have all the money in 
the world, what type of car would you get?
Shanna: hmmm That's a hard one.. Well Lambo would be 
first on my list murdered out.. 

W&HM: Awesome!!  What would you like to 
say to all your fans in the world?:
Shanna: Thank you for all your support and love.. 
I appreciate each one of you. 

W&HM: Where could people find more about 
you and follow your updates on line?
Shanna: my instagram Shannannagins 
as well as  my Facebook Shanna Lynn

Shanna Lowder in W&HM Print Appearances

Shanna Lowder in our event coverage

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