W&HM #66/#66R - Lauren Gebhart

W&HM Print Issue #66 is Now on Print and Readly(R) 

W&HM / Los Angeles, CA / Py Pai

This is a special issue of W&HM. We have the amazing cover model Lauren Gebhart to lead this issue.

W&HM Cover Model

We are absolutely delighted to bring you our cover models and the wonderful stories and/or intimate info about them, straight from the source!

We are proud to present you this issue's cover model:

  • Cover Model - Lauren Gebhart
Lauren has been featured in many prominent social media platforms and popular websites. Her mesmerizing presence and wonderful professional work ethic made us want to bring her cover feature to you the minutes we worked with her!

W&HM Feature Models

We work with great talents from all over the country and the world. We showcase their stunning editorial glamour portfolios with insightful introductions and/or Q&As. 

In this issue, you will find the wonderful models:

  • Cover Model - Destiny Drift
  • Feature Model - Alyshia Barragan 
Both Destiny and Alyshia have been on our magazine's cover and pages respectively. They are simply stunning and we want to keep working with them to bring you more beautiful photo portfolios and updates.

W&HM Event Coverage

One of the W&HM grand traditions is to create dazzling pictorial coverage. They are in the best of industry class that many look forward to see after events. 

We here bring them to you via the print edition format, with the best of the coverage photos:

  • Event 1 -2023 Supercross Anaheim 1 Season Opener
  • Event 2 - 2022 Sand Sports Super Show, Costa Mesa
  • Event 3 - 2022 Nissfest, Irwindale

W&HM Retro Coverage (Readly Only)

We have been covering car shows and auto events more than 15 years. We have so much fantastic old-school and modern-take contents that we love to show you.

Here are some of the most exciting events that we captured in stunning photos:

  • Retro - 2015 Greystone Mansion Concours d'Elegance

W&HM Calm (Readly Only)

We are always on the move. We love to bring back to you the beauty from all corners of the world. There are so much to see and so much to share. It's a great ending note of each issue's many full-throttle eye-arresting articles and bring you to a calm state of mind.

  • Calm - Antelope Canyon, Arizona

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W&HM #66 - Lauren Gebhart

W&HM Collection 13: W&HM #66 - Lauren Gebhart

W&HM #66 - Cover Model Lauren Gebhart, Feature models including Destiny Drift, Alyshia Barragan, and event coverage of 2023 Supercross Anahei,, 2022 Sand Sports Super Show, and 2022 Nissfest.

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