W&HM Print Issue #52 - Zari Chacon

W&HM / Py Pai, Chief Editor

We love our new W&HM #52 - W&HM Print Edition Issue 52.  This issue features the highly established cover model Zari Chacon.  Zari has appeared in countless prints and ads and events and promotions.  She has that super sweet look that is pure angelic.  And her birthday is coming up really soon, so this is a perfect birthday gift that we love to send to her!  Also during the interview, Zari gave us the cutest answers that we have not seen for a long time.  It's a total must-read!

We also got a great chance to work with CEO and model Alyshia Barragan, as well as our featured model Sarah Marie, gracing our pages one more time, and Upscale Models' Danica.

We also have great event coverage that includes 2019 Hot Import Nights, Off Road Expo, and Tuner Evolution Los Angeles.  There is so much to share and we wished we could give you a lot more pages if we could!

W&HM#52 - Zari Chacon
W&HM Collection 10: W&HM#52 - Zari Chacon
W&HM Print #52 with cover model Zari Chacon, and feature model Alyshia Barragan, as well as Sarah Marie and Upscale Models' Danica.Even coverage includes 2019 HIN/LA, Off-Road Expo, and Tuner Evo

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