Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Issue 47 - Lizzie Lee

W&HM / Wheels and Heels Magazine / Py Pai, Chief Editor

This issue is a canary of our new style of our future print issues.

We are excited to have the internationally published model, Lizzie Lee, as our cover model, together with feature models Corrie J and April Marie.

On the car side, its a feature contents' dream.  We have the highly acclaimed ModJunkies' E60 BMW as well as Funfzehn shop's Open House event too. Plus the FEM-JEEP, a statement piece to showcase in our magazine.

Events include 2018 Spocom and Bimmerfest, both are the major forces in the crowded southern Californias's car scene.

Check it out and order your copy though the below red button!

(to contact us, emailto:info@wheelsandheelsmag.com)
Wheels and Heels Magazine #47
W&HM Collection 08: Wheels and Heels Magazine #47      
Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Issue #47 - Cover model Lizzie Lee, Feature Models Corrie J, April Marie, and Feature Cars from Mega Trophy ModJunkies BMW, FEM-Jeep and Funfzehn Company. Events include 2018 Bimmerfest and Spocom
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