Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Issue 30 - Tera Patrick

Wheels and Heels Magazine Releases The Industry's First Biggest Ever All-Model Issue! With Celebrity Tera Patrick on The Cover!!

Los Angeles, CA / Py Pai

This marks a huge milestone in the history of Wheels and Heels Magazine print edition. After 29 issues, we felt that we want to do something different to celebrate the 30th issue as a new era! This lead to the big thinking and more catering to your interests. We made several strides in this demarcation issue:

1. Industry's First Big format!

This is an 11" x 14" size print format. This is the size of the large calendar that you used to get from Sports Illustrated. It's thicker papers and superb printing quality. It's like 64% more page size to your eyes! It is simply a breathtaking experience!

2. All Models!

Inside the issue, there is nothing but models in feature and from car shows. We have the feature models of Victoria Elise, Veronika Skylee, and Jace Williams. The large format gives each model an intimate look to their personality and modeling talents. We also separate the cars, show cars, and motorsports sections to be their own issue. Please definitely look out for it!

3. Less Pages = Lower Price!

To reduce the price, we have reduced the pages so that you can fully enjoy the beauty of these models without the distractions of the other subjects in the issue.

4. Poster Like Layout!

The large format has a poster like feel that you can hang it on the wall or even remove them to have single page hanging in your cubicle or your desktop front.

5. Easy-to-Flip Wire Bound Style Binding

The unique wire bound gives you a smooth viewing experience, without needing to flatten the magazine. It can be easily folded backwards so you can enjoy each page without holding the other side.

We are so happy to be the first, the largest, and the baddest print issue out to you. If we receive positive feedback either seeing that you are ordering or good comments, we will continue this tradition for many more! Let us know what you think! And you can order it by clicking the below red button!
Wheels and Heels Magazine Issue 30 - Tera Patrick
Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Issue 30 - Cover
celebrity Tera Patrick, in a brand new large format
all model print magazine, also featuring Victoria Elise,
Veronika Skylee, and Jace Williams, plus car show
models from so-Cal car shows.


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