Wheels and Heels Magazine Issue 27A - Cover Model Leng Yein

Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Issue 27 Leng Yein Cover Edition is Available Now!

Los Angeles, CA / Py Pai
In this issue, we have two cover sets, and three cover models, which is a record!  To celebrate the Autocon Los Angeles 2015 event, we had the cover of Franchesca DC and Carolin Rusco.  We now have another Wheels and Heels Magazine cover model released of the same issue with our international sensation, Leng Yein, Asia's top female DJ, World Top FDJ #3 by DJaneMag, highly published model in Playboy, Maxim, FHM, and the list goes on and on and one...

We are so happy to have her on our cover again, together with Rudy's fine custom 2004 Chevy Silverado as well as tons of other models and event coverage.  Here is the print edition order link:

Wheels and Heels Magazine Issue 27 (Leng Yein Cover Edition)
Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Edition Issue 27
(Leng Yein Cover Edition) - Top quality pictorial
magazine of car show events, and models and motorsport.
Cover model Leng Yein, and Franchesca Del Carpio, CEO of
The Diamond Dozen modeling team, as well as
Carolina Rusco, and feature models of…
** NOTE: The contents of this issue is the same as Issue 27 with Franchesca and Carolina.  Only the front cover is different. **

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